BC-348Q Antenna/RF/Detector/Oscillator Sub-Assembly Photos

This page provides detailed views of the interior of the four sub-assemblies (modules) on the BC-348Q as well as some notes on how to remove them.
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The Antenna module needs to be removed first, then the RF module, then the Detector module, then the Oscillator module. You can't pull one out at random. The first thing that comes to mind is how to maintain alignment; fortunately, they are self aligning.

Each module has an interior and exterior as shown below:

The above exterior and interior views are probably not of the same module, but the two things to note are the cam lever arm and spring on the interior of each module, and the cam lever arm on the exterior of each module. All modules except the Antenna module have an external cam lever arm.

The interior cam lever arm of the Antenna module connects to the exterior cam lever arm of the RF module via a spring supported by a bar. Disconnect the side of the spring that connects to the arm with the "hook" at its end (not the "eye-hole"). Don't lose the spring or any wires that hold the middle of the spring to the bar.

This is basically how all the modules are removed. Unsolder the necessary wires coming from the modules of course.... and mark them.....

The Oscillator module is the last to be removed and some special words need to be said about it.

As opposed to the Detector, RF, and Antenna modules which have open interiors that abut the wall of the next module, the Oscillator module is enclosed on all sides (with an opening on top for the tube).

The following picture shows the exterior view of the Oscillator module that is next to the Detector module:

The following is a picture of the 'interior' side of the Oscillator module; but since it's enclosed, let's call it the 'band-shaft' side of the Oscillator module.

This is a closeup of how the two lever arms associated with the band-switch shaft are connected

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