DT 257 KHz 'Pinck' NDB

Denton TX

DT is LOM for the Localizer (LOC) or ILS approach for Runway 18L at Denton Enterprise airport (DTO) north of the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex.

Approach Procedure

It is almost due north of the airport at a range of about 4.5 miles, located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Ganzer Rd West and Barthold Roads.

Here's a photograph and video of DT in operation made Dave Stinson AB5S in March 2023:

Video clip of DT 257 reception

When watching the video, if you hear a malformed "X" instead of a distinct "DT" you're right! The spacing between the letters is very small and the length of the T is slightly longer than the dash in the D! This is shown in the screen shot from a "Pskov NDB" analysis of my SDR reception of DT on March 30, 2023 at 0631Z in Pennsylvania:

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