1947 Emerson Model 547A

This little AM table radio came across my bench recently. I don't have any particular interest in this genre of radio, but since I've not worked on an AA5 before I decided to do a "little" work on it.

It employs a typical post war All American 5 tube lineup (50B5, 12BA6, 12AT6, 12BE6, 35W4).

As you can see, a few components needed replaced.....

...such as all but two capacitors and quite a few resistors.

A stop at the hardware store yielded a polarized extension cord which I used as the new line cord to ensure that the chassis is not hot.

Alignment was straightforward, but I found the slugs in both transformers were locked solid. I decided to leave the slugs alone and not temp fate as the radio plays reasonably well.

The radio was baked for 30 minutes during which time I enjoyed some AM BCB DXing. I was able to pick up stations over 150 miles away using the built in antenna.

The radio also comes with pigtails for an external antenna, which are tucked into the bottom and left side of the radio.

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