Hallicrafters HT-32 Mk 1 CW/AM/SSB Transmitter

There's not really much to say about getting my HT-32 Mk 1 up and running.

I obtained it in "as is" condition and was told it probably didn't work. The only thing visible was where the big 10 mF 1KV oil filled capacitor had exploded and sprayed the chassis with oil. The cap had since been replaced by an equivalent circuit under the chassis. From the photos, you can see that even though the previous owner tried to clean the oil up, it still attracted a lot of dust over the years!!

I was able to locate a replacement oil filled capacitor. I also replaced the electrolytic capacitors in the bias circuit, SSB subchassis etc. The selenuim rectifier in the bias circuit was replaced with a diode.

Other than that, nothing much exciting about getting the unit on the air. A lot of cleaning was the name of the game!!

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