U.S. Army Signal Corps T-240/SRT-10 CW/AM Transmitter

Usage: WW II through mid 1960s

There is not a lot of information available about this transmitter which was part of the AN/SRT-10 system. It seems to have served in Army maritime service from WW II through the mid 1960s. From TM-11-837 July 1951 issue:

“This manual contains instructions for the installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of Radio Transmitting Set AN/SRT-10 and Radio Transmitter T-83/SR. Radio Transmitting Set AN/SRT-10 consists of Radio transmitter T-240/SRT-10, Power Supply PP-462/U, and Motor Starter RE-79/SRT-10. Radio Transmitter T-83 consists of a transmitter, a power supply, and a converter starter box”. “Radio Transmitting Set AN/SRT-10 and Radio Transmitter T-83/SR are 50-Watt telephone and telegraph marine radio transmitters designed for use on small ships. Either c-w (continuous wave) or phone transmission is available on any of five preset channels in the frequency range between 1,700 and 8,700 kc (kilocycles)." “Each station may transmit on any one of five channels, to a distance of approximately 25 miles. Two-way communication may be established between ships or between ship and shore stations by using a single channel or by using two channels. Hence, each station may operate in the same tactical net or in several nets and in liaison channels according to the communications plan.”

From a 2013 correspondence with Robert Downs WA5CAB: "T-83/SR was covered by TM 11-837, 05/26/45. According to DA PAM 310, the 1951 edition (which I don't have) also covered T-240/SRT-10. T-83/SR is listed in the 1950 TM 11-487A. But not AN/SRT-10. Both are listed in 1957 and only the latter in 1964. "

From a 2013 correspondence with Paul Thekan N6FEG: “I have the WW2 version of the xmtr with power supply and the associated receiver. These were used , as I was told, for use at ship harbors by the Army. My friends brother during the war operated one on board a anchored ship outside a harbor here in the states on the east coast during the war.”

My particular units were produced for a 1950 Army order by the A. F. Smuckler & Sons Co.

By the way, these units are heavy. The transmitter weighs 127 pounds and the power supply weighs 108 pounds!

T-240/SRT-10 Radio Transmitter - Serial Number 63

Power Supply PP-462/U -- Serial Number 39

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